Living a Responsibly Fancy Life

Refashioning clothing fits right in to a lifelong love of repurposing items destined for our landfills. 

A Sudbury girl, born and bred, Nancy Laviolette has taken pieces found at the end of driveways, in thrift stores or often treasures found in the dump and gives them new life as works of art for her home.  Nancy comes from a long line of makers; her early influences include her Gramma Nelly, who would take clothing no longer useful and turn them into blankets and quilts.  A fond memory of hers was looking at squares and reminiscing of the life they once lived: a nightdress, Grampa’s pyjamas. Gramma’s blankets were a cozy reminder of life well-lived.  Nancy’s Mom and aunts were always making something; crocheted throws, bedspreads and needlepoint works of art, school dresses.  As was Nancy’s Dad, who would build a house or two every summer.  Nancy’s joy of painting and decorating her own homes was born from helping her parents with houses her Dad built. 

Nancy’s first job was at Fabricland, which brings her full circle to her new creative outlet, wearable art. Great graphic t-shirts find new life as kilts, dresses and tunics. Comfy, cozy and just darn cute, these dresses, skirts and tunics are Nancy’s way of keeping her Gramma Nelly’s love of reuse going.  Where creativity is possible, garments are 100% upcycled.  Keeping clothing otherwise landfill bound is a particular source of pride.  With that in mind, donations of textile items, be it linens, curtains, table clothes or once loved clothing are always appreciated. Fancy is on Instagram (@fancy.to.a.tee) and on Facebook (@FancysTees

Thank you for sharing your time with this up and coming refashionista’s exhibit of wearable art.

Whatever you do…do it Fancy